1.  First Time and Coming Out
1.1  On the Bicycle Path
1.2  Man-to-Man “Brief” Pleasure
1.3  Shove It In, Shove It Out
1.4  Narcissus Dreams of Fucking Himself
1.5  Coming Out in the Seventies
1.6  The Gardener’s Helper
1.7  A Dream Becomes a Reality
2.  Interracial
2.1  Bronze Monument to Virility
2.2  North Meets South
2.3  East Meets West
2.4  Cult of the Bronze Butt
2.5  The Poetry of Long-Distance Love
2.6  Mouthwatering Delicacies
3.  Daddies
3.1  Fuck, They Are All So Damn Hot!
3.2  The Art of Tongue Dancing
3.3  Warm Welcome in Iran
3.4  Increased Libido at Seventy
3.5  An Enterprising Salesman in the Cubicle
3.6  Not So Polite and Gentle
4.  Russian and Ukrainian File
4.1  Two Lovebirds in Orenburg
4.2  New Canada-Russia Relations
4.3  Mutual Attraction in the Park
4.4  The Power of Words and Dreams
4.5  Tongue-Twisting My Pleasure
5.  American File
5.1  Casino Fever
5.2  The Horny Alaskan
5.3  Friendly Canada-USA Relations
5.4  A Tale of Dirty Talk
5.5  Chat Room Becomes a Sex Arena
6.  Bondage and Group Sex
6.1  Personal Service Guaranteed
6.2  Bound to Please His Master
6.3  On the Altar of Masculinity
6.4  Two Men and a Truck
6.5  Locker Room Foursome
6.6  Jeans, Brief, and Jockstrap Fantasies
6.7  GAY Olympic Games

Whether you are... 
Top or Bottom,
Daddy or Son,
Black, White or Asian,
Romantic or just Horny; 
whether your fetish is... Underwear, Jockstrap,
ight Jeans or Leather Gear,
these thirty-six short stories
are bound to arouse you,
and trigger a hard-on!


Paul-François Sylvestre
is a gay, French-Canadian author. His double minority status has led him to write twenty-four essays, ten novels, three collections
of short stories, three collections of book reviews, two books of poetry, two collections of Christmas tales, and a biography of his twin sister—all in French. Mr. Sylvestre’s first book was a diary of his coming out in 1975, a rare event
at the time. He wrote the history of the Canadian Gay Liberation Movement,
which started in 1969.
Mr. Sylvestre is the book critic for Toronto’s French-language weekly paper L’Express and for the literary blog www.jaipourmonlire.ca. His English-language texts are recent and are all gay porn stories, the vast majority of them included in this book. He is a regular contributor to the Swedish site Gay Demon.
Contact: paulfrancois@sympatico.ca


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